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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

~Henry David Thoreau


The "root" of Lyme disease is what we refer to as the "Cryme" of the falsified case definition. TruthCures demands prosecution of the RICO organization and individuals who are responsible for changing the disease definition at the 1994 CDC "Dearborn" conference to facilitate the approval of the since-failed LYMErix vaccine. 

LYMErix was OspA, or Pam3cys, which never could have been a vaccine because of what it actually does to the immune system. 

Visit the Charge Sheets Page for an explanation of the basic complaint.​

November 2017


Appointments to the HHS Tick-borne Disease Working Group were announced the day before Thanksgiving. That's a PR trick employed when somebody wants to bury a controversial news item--announce before a holiday or weekend, or in this case, both. 

TRUTHCURES objects to the "working group" on principle (The NIH knows what the disease is, so what use is this group, other than to stall?), and we object to many of the named appointees. Click below for information you may use to submit your comments to the "working group" and have them included in the public record. 

October 2017


TRUTHCURES representatives traveled back to Washington, DC to meet again with key Congressional contacts, and also with Richard Wolitski, Ph.D., Director of HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Policy at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Dr. Wolitski is the Designated Federal Officer for the Tick-Borne Disease Working Group that was a provision of the 21st Century Cures Act. 

Dr. Wolitski was educated on the disease mechanism and informed that the likely appointees to the committee would have a vested interest in continuing the false dichotomy of antibiotics v. no antibiotics, persistent spirochetes v. no spirochetes. 

He cannot un-know what was presented to him. 

June 2017


Legislative aides advised that Senator Chuck Grassley has the authority to schedule the hearing that we need. In order to influence his decision to hold the hearing, a "Dear Colleague" letter will be initiated in the House and circulated through both the House and Senate for additional sponsors and support. We expect bicameral and bipartisan support of the Dear Colleague letter.


We need all Lymish and concerned citizens to contact these elected officials and demand a hearing. Legislators already have a general understanding of what we are asking of them, since TruthCures discussed this issue with many of them in Washington. The buzzwords to use are: TruthCures, sign the Dear Colleague Letter, Senate Hearing, Prosecution, DOJ, Lyme crime.

An example of what to say would be just one or two quick sentences like this:

“TruthCures is asking for support regarding your signature on the Dear Colleague Letter that will soon be circulating. We want a Senate Hearing to refer the Lyme Crime to the Department of Justice for prosecution.”


And that’s it! It’s that simple, and only takes about 10 seconds. Get your friends and family on board if you can, and if you’ve already called, then call again. Then call again, and again next week! The more pressure we put on them the better. They told us that phone calls are tallied for the legislators, so NUMBERS ARE OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE. 


The top 3 people to call regarding the prosecution of the Lyme Cryme are:


Senator Chuck Grassley

(202) 224-3744 or (202) 224-5225


Senator Dianne Feinstein  

(202) 224-3841


Senator Richard Blumenthal 

(202) 224-2823


CLICK HERE to download the packet that was given to numerous legislators during TruthCures week in Washington, DC, June 5-9, 2017.

We were advised in June 2015 by then-Senator Jeff Sessions' legal staff that we should seek a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee for referral of the Lyme Cryme to the U.S Department of Justice. This paralleled the advice given by then-Attorney General of the State of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal's legal staff. ​