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1995: CDC's falsified case definition is officially published.


1995 "DEARBORN" "Case Definition" published by the CDC in the MMWR (also see here, just in case the link becomes broken), even though all the labs at Dearborn said 'no way.' OspA (band 31) and B (band 34) are left out, as are most IgM bands.

You will see by looking at the October 1994 Dearborn booklet what all the labs said about the proposal for the 2-tiered testing and Steere’s 5 out of 10 band WB criteria, and then as much as we have in detail about the June 1994 FDA meeting on LYMErix, that there was no consensus that Lyme was just a bad knee. In fact, it was a fight and an argument the whole way. 


Eventually the CDC officers who own patents and who were associated with the fake non-profit ALDF got their way and had their fake vaccines. And later, the bogus Klempner "study" which was based on the Dearborn case definition (the grant for this study was a "fraud on the government"), but the bad guys knew all along that the disease was post-sepsis and was caused by the fake OspA vaccines alone. Certainly Steere knew that late, chronic neurologic Lyme was like post-sepsis since he wrote about it in 1986 and 1990 as you have seen.

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