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2002: Pat Smith of the Lyme Disease Association swoops in on her broomstick to claim credit for the demise of LYMErix.


Even though the whistle had been blown a year prior, Pat Smith decided that it was in her and the LDA's best interest to appear to have played a role in the takedown of LYMErix. Forget the fact that she had never spoken out against LYMErix, nor supported its victims. 

Forget that she has never spoken out against LYMErix (OspA) since then--likely because it would have then been common knowledge that she knows OspA alone causes the disease, and that all of her "efforts" over the last 20 years have been purely stall tactics on behalf of everyone BUT the patients. 

And now, nearly 16 years later, this witch finally got her way with the formation of the "Tick-borne disease working group" and her appointment to it. Never mind that there are already seven federal appointees and that she's working for the Department of Defense in her spare time. Shouldn't that disqualify her? Write to the TBD Committee and tell them how you feel: tickbornedisease@hhs.gov

Clearly this woman is not seeking any real answers for the victims she claims to serve, because she knows what the disease is and yet refuses to talk about it.