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  • Laura Hovind, CEO

Silent Carriers, In Theaters once a Vaccine is Available

I’m alarmed by the use of the terms “silent carriers” and “silent spreaders”. They refer to people who have been found to be infected with COVID-19 but test negative for antibodies, and generally are asymptomatic.

How about “seronegative carriers”? Not scary enough? Too technically accurate?

Lymish (especially those who have suffered long-term) are likely to have an immune deficiency that would make them “silent carriers”.

Not too long ago we were considered among the vulnerable population who needed protection. But now it seems we’re slowly being turned into boogeymen creeping around spreading disease, despite having shared all the same air with everyone for decades.

Draconian policies are being proposed that could have profound effects on the human and civil rights of millions of people—many of whom won’t even know it until it’s too late.

If the proposed policies are implemented, the immune deficient....

-Won’t be able to get an “immunity pass”

-Won’t be able to travel

-Won’t respond to a vakzine even if they want to really really badly

-Will face discrimination in work, school, communities...

-And that’s just the beginning.

#HumanRights defenders best be revisiting HIV/AIDS history and anti-discrimination laws, because this is going to get very ugly.