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"Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it."

~Lysander Spooner

According to the CDC, a person can only have Lyme disease if he or she meets the Dearborn "case definition." Since the CDC's 1994 conference in Dearborn, Michigan, the case definition has been ONLY an arthritic knee. 

That's right. You are not allowed to have "Lyme disease" unless you are one of the 15%-or-so who test positive to the two-tier serology that detects only late-Lyme, hypersensitivity arthritis in a single knee. 

If you don't have an arthritic knee, you DON'T HAVE LYME DISEASE, says the CDC. But they won't tell you what you DO have. 


Of course the CDC case definition is ridiculous, and of course they know what is afflicting literally millions of sick and disabled people who are medical refugees: thrown into a trash heap by a system that is far more concerned with concealing its crimes and protecting profits than with helping people. 

What is "Lyme disease?" Tick bite sepsis. How do we know? The OspA "vaccine" (LYMErix) caused the same neurologic disease that was called "The Great Imitator" for 100+ years.

Understanding that the OspA vaccines (LYMErix) caused the same "multi-system" (Yale, Mayo Clinic, US patent 6,045,804) disease we know of as "Chronic Lyme disease" (CLD) is essential to this case. It turns out, CLD is a condition of chronic immune deficiency and is physiologically the same as AIDS or post-sepsis syndrome, or "immune paralysis," where the reactivated viruses, secondary opportunistic infections, tissue and organ damage (brain, gut), are what's causing the ongoing illness.

If Lyme disease is incurable due to its being a post-sepsis syndrome with damage to the immune system, organs and tissues, a leaky blood brain barrier, leaky gut, and a multitude of fungal, bacterial and viral infections that can't be fought off due to what happens to the immune system in sepsis, then there is another charge in addition to the fraud and racketeering of the Dearborn case definition stunt. 


It is Color of Law where government employees slandered and libeled us to deny us any kind of care. Lyme disease has been one great big charade to which no "MD" or group of "MDs" has been competent.


Remember what the NIH said about sepsis and post-sepsis (in addition to all the other things they said, like OspA alone causes this outcome in Lyme victims):

Carolyn Beans (NIH) on Live Science:

Surviving Sepsis: Detection and Treatment Advances

"Some people who survive sepsis can develop secondary infections days or even months later. A research team that included Richard Hotchkiss, Jonathan Green and Gregory Storch of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis suspected that this is because sepsis might cause lasting damage to the immune system. To test this hypothesis, the scientists compared viral activation in people with sepsis, other critically ill people and healthy individuals. The researchers looked for viruses like Epstein-Barr and herpes simplex that are often dormant in healthy people but can reactivate in those with suppressed immune systems. [Sepsis Has Long-Term Impact for Older Adults, Study Finds]


"Of the three study groups, people with sepsis had much higher levels of these viruses, suggesting reactivation due to compromised immune responses. Immune suppression could make it difficult to defend against the reactivated viruses as well as new infections like pneumonia. The team now plans to test whether immune-boosting drugs can prevent deaths in sepsis survivors."

THIS is chronic neurologic Lyme disease. These immunosuppression outcomes—like AIDS, where the opportunistics do most of the damage and are what keep you ill—were left out of the testing at the first step, the ELISA, because this outcome also was caused by injections of the fungal-type toxin OspA (the Lyme vaccines).


The Disease (fungal-toxic immunosuppression or post-sepsis syndrome)…is the Cryme (saying OspA was a “vaccine” when it caused the same toxic, post-sepsis syndrome).

In our Common Mechanisms Charge Sheet, we describe this mechanism in several parallels, such as the also-failed TB and HIV vaccines.