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"Morality is the basis of things and truth is the substance of all morality."

~Mahatma Gandhi

We are a small group of concerned citizens who believe that nobody should suffer from Lyme disease, ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, Gulf War syndrome, or other "unexplained" syndromes—because the science exists to explain the mechanisms of disease. 


​We are here to tell the truth about these mechanisms, as well as the reasons we are in this deplorable situation, with millions unable to obtain a proper diagnosis or treatment. 

The truth is that there is an entire class of immunosuppression diseases that are being denied by the government and the entire medical establishment. There is no National Institute of Immunosuppression and Infectious Diseases—only the opposite, the National Institute of Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Understanding how LYMErix taught us this fact will open the door to understanding the widespread devastation of the neglected, "invisible," and mystery diseases.


LYMErix, the Lyme disease "vaccine" hit the market in 1998, and by 1999 people who had received it were saying that they "had Lyme disease again." 

The same year, ActionLyme was started as a vehicle for real activism, rejecting the standard "awareness" campaigns and other impotent methods employed by most of the Lyme "non-profits."


At a 2001 FDA meeting, our whistleblower testified about LYMErix/OspA being a toxin, and the very cause of Lyme disease. Additional claims were made by others who were involved in class action lawsuits against SmithKline, the manufacturer. Ultimately, the FDA issued an ultimatum to SmithKline to remove LYMErix from the market, or the FDA would pull it themselves. To this day, the media repeat the lie that the vaccine was voluntarily discontinued due to poor sales. In reality, the FDA handed SmithKline a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.


More importantly, the whistleblower testimony made it very clear that the CDC's 1994 Dearborn "Consensus" Conference was the furthest thing from a consensus, and that the revised Lyme disease case definition that it produced was a fraud. The FDA then left 19 of the 30 pages of testimony out of its official meeting transcript, as well as reversing two of the pages so as to render the information nearly incomprehensible.


CDC officers who had a financial interest in LYMErix's acceptance and success changed the more accurate 1990 case definition, which described relapsing fever borreliosis, to an HLA-linked arthritic knee. What this means is that a person must be genetically competent (about 15% of the population) to produce enough antibodies to test positive for "Lyme disease." And those people, according to Allen Steere, suffer little more than an arthritic knee, while the rest are left to die a slow and painful death from an AIDS-like disease. 


What the Dearborn scandal taught us is that OspA (Pam3Cys) never could have been a vaccine. In fact, it is a fungal-type toxin that wreaks havoc on the immune system. Whether injected by a syringe or by a tick bite, OspA, in the majority of victims, causes immunosuppression.

In 2003, at the advice of staff lawyers for Richard Blumenthal, who at the time was Attorney General for the state of Connecticut, our whistleblower filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice. Fourteen years later, the charges of scientific fraud and racketeering have gone unanswered, while Lyme disease morbidity and mortality has exploded unchecked by the institutions—namely, the CDC, HHS and state & local health departments— whose duty it is to protect the health of U.S. citizens.


Once you understand the mechanism by which LYMErix/OspA/Pam3Cys causes disease, it is easy to see how common these post sepsis diseases are. It's also obvious that the government does not want to admit that there are any Acquired Immune Deficiency diseases other than HIV/AIDS. Therefore, we have no NIIID.


During lobbying efforts in Washington, DC in the summer of 2015, we were advised by the legal staff of then- U.S. Senator (now U.S. Attorney General) Jeff Sessions to pursue a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee for referral of the Lyme Cryme to the DOJ for prosecution. This is our current mission.