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I wondered why somebody didn't do something

This cryptic message was found in the papers of Willy Burgdorfer, namesake of Borrelia burgdorferi (the causative agent of Lyme disease), after his death. At TRUTHCURES® we wonder the same thing. We figure the one thing to do is to strike at the root of the Lyme "controversy" by proving the diagnostics and case definition were manipulated to exclude the sickest patients.


Our mission is to enable Lyme disease victims to obtain diagnosis and care by restoring an accurate case definition and valid diagnostics.  We will do this through engagement with federal, state, and local agencies, public education, activism, media outreach and legal action. When the truth is acknowledged, a cure will follow.​

What does TruthCures do?

truthcures in action

Our stealth recording of a meeting at HHS revealed a patient-unfriendly approach by the federal Tick-Borne Disease Working Group.

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