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Lyme disease Test Investigation

Our legal team is interested in hearing from you about Lyme disease tests you have paid for, either out-of-pocket or through insurance or a public benefits program. It does not matter whether you used the test--just that you purchased it. For example, you may have purchased a test online but then never used it.


TruthCures, Oppenheimer Law, and affiliated law firms do not share this information with any third parties for any reason. Thank you for assisting our investigation. Our legal team will contact you if any additional information is needed.

Test Details

Listed below are a variety of Lyme disease test brands, manufacturers, and laboratories that provide Lyme tests. Please select any/all you have paid for a Lyme test. If your test was provided through a physician's office you may be able to find out which brand was used, and this would be very helpful.

Lyme test(s) purchased from:

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