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dedicated to making things right for patients.

At TRUTHCURES, our singular focus is rectifying the manipulated case definition and diagnostic standard for Lyme disease so others can be spared the suffering we have experienced not only firsthand, but also with our loved ones and among our communities. To that end, we have presented to numerous government officials, agencies, and commissions, medical and scientific professionals, attorneys, and patients. To support our work, please visit our donate page. If you would like to inquire about a webinar or in-person presentation, please send us an email.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

~Henry David Thoreau



Laura Hovind, CEO & Executive Director

Laura founded TRUTHCURES to fill the need for a Lyme advocacy organization focused on science and activism. She believes victims need hard facts from the historical literature and current research to make truly informed decisions about their health and where to focus their advocacy efforts. Despite acquiring Lyme in suburban Chicago in 1995, she has earned two degrees and enjoyed a career in apparel product development, design and merchandising. Her work for TRUTHCURES focuses on the pursuit of legal and regulatory remedies for the decades of fallout from the manipulation of the Lyme case definition and diagnostic standard.


Amy Kissinger, Director

Amy has devoted her life and career to service to others. Since 2001 she has served in leadership roles for the Washington County and Morgan County (OH) Boards of Developmental Disabilities. She has been an elected Council Member and a Civil Service Commissioner, and currently serves on the Board of Education in her hometown of Cambridge, OH. She is a founding member of the Cambridge Police Department Citizens Academy Advisory Board and volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Sick since a tick bite while pregnant, she wants to help others avoid the devastation of Lyme disease.


Kathy Nodolf, Director

While teaching health and physical education for 32 years, Kathy was always passionate about leading and facilitating many support groups and activities. She served in advisory roles in the Student Assistance Program for Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Student Council, National Honor Society, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, as well as coaching many sports. In retirement she has become quite politically active, working in a bipartisan effort to end Citizens United and as a member of her area bipartisan Women’s Network. After losing her son to Lyme disease, Kathy's passion has become advancing the vision and mission of TRUTHCURES.


Lahra Tillman, Associate

Lahra has held a variety of positions in biotech and aerospace, including the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Novartis, and Boeing. Lahra Joined the TRUTHCURES team having witnessed the medical malfeasance around Lyme at some of Boston’s most prestigious medical organizations. Lahra has presented to numerous government officials and agencies, liaising with scientists and patients to promote justice and improved outcomes for those living with tick-borne disease. 

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