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1986: Alan Barbour publishes “THE BIOLOGY OF BORRELIA SPECIES”


In this report, Alan Barbour, CDC officer, states:

"The propensity for borrelia to go to the brain of infected mammals suggests that the relationship between these spirochetes and neural tissues is not trivial.  Further study of this attraction and the interaction that follows may reveal the basis for the significant nerve and brain involvement in Lyme borreliosis."

All the way back in 1986 it is not trivial that Borrelia have an affinity for brains.  It is also not trivial that you cannot kill spirochetes, and that the nature of the disease as a Relapsing Fever germ is in fact, to relapse. This paper also states that it was attempted to treat syphilis with a wimpy high passage strain of Borrelia to cause fever because antibiotics didn’t work.

Barbour later became the patent king of tick-borne diseases. 

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