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Myths as abundant as ticks

People with Lyme disease suffer unique injustices. They are first denied a valid diagnostic test. If they remain sick, they are accused of faking their illness. Unfortunately, most do remain sick, and the denial by mainstream medicine leaves abused patients with no choice but to seek help from alternative providers. The alternative doctors don't contract with insurance plans, require cash payment and rely heavily on long-term antibiotic treatment. Patients often end up bankrupt and in worse health than when they started.

The situation is maddening, and that's the main reason TRUTHCURES exists. Neither the mainstream side nor the alternative providers are operating with a science-based approach. This denial and ignorance of facts has created an environment where myths about Lyme disease run rampant, and innocent people are caught in the middle of a manufactured controversy. 

Tick crawling on finger. The concept of


Common Lyme myths


Myth: Chronic Lyme doesn't exist.

What is the truth?


Myth: If you tested negative, you don't have Lyme.

What is the truth?


Myth: Eradicating spirochetes will cure Lyme disease.

What is the truth?


Myth: It takes 36-72 hours for a tick to transmit Lyme disease.

What is the truth?


Myth: Lyme disease is only on the East Coast.

What is the truth?


Myth: Ticks are rarely infected with Lyme disease.

What is the truth?


Myth: You can only get Lyme in wooded areas. 

What is the truth?

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