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Beware Fake Prevention

In the news this week is the pretend preventive treatment by longtime Lyme mafioso Mark Klempner.

Having been a trial administrator of the Connaught OspA Lyme vaccine in the 1990s, Klempner is well aware of the adverse effects of injecting OspA into people. He seems to think that he can avoid scientific scrutiny, though, by distancing himself from the failed Lyme vaccines.

He said he is well aware of a possible challenge in informing people of the difference between this shot and one called Lymrix, taken off the market years ago due to fears of vaccine side-effects and declining sales.
"Lymrix was a vaccine, this is quite different," said the doctor. "Instead of a bacterial protein, this is a human protein that is in the protective molecule."

The difference between a vaccine and Klempner’s prophylactic is that a vaccine is meant to provoke the immune system to create antibodies against a pathogen while this product literally *is* those antibodies.

His claim appears to be that anti-OspA antibodies can prevent Lyme disease without having to inject the antigen that is supposed to cause the immune response. (Thus he would avoid pesky lawsuits from people injured by injection of the very antigens that cause the disease, which is what happened with LYMErix.)

Despite the difference between Klempner’s product and the failed Lyme vaccines, his success depends on some of the same false claims that were created to prop up those vaccines when they were known in early trials to be ineffective and potentially harmful.

For one thing, any scientist studying Lyme knows that the main mechanism that promotes survival of the organism is antigenic variation. Spirochetes change the antigens they’re expressing based on environmental factors that include the presence of antibodies. They sense a threat and they express different antigens, sloughing off the old ones on bits of their outer surface known as “blebs”. Therefore, an antibody directed at a single outer surface protein can never protect against Lyme disease.

It is evident that this was a well-known fact during the development of the Lyme vaccines of the 1990s because after deciding the vaccines would target OspA, the developers had to make up a ridiculous story about human blood disinfecting ticks. No joke.

You see, borrelia generally don’t express OspA at human body temperature. So antibodies against OspA won’t do any good once spirochetes have been injected through a tick bite.

Borrelia do express OspA in the tick midgut, though. So the vaccine developers claimed that their product worked by inducing antibodies that would be sucked up in a tick’s blood meal, travel to the tick’s gut and kill the spirochetes there before they could be transmitted to the human.

Klempner has to rely on this ludicrous scientific turd sandwich to pretend that his antibody product works.

To learn more, read this fully-cited debunking: https://badlymeattitude.com/2018/07/03/fun/

After all these years, why would Klempner go to such lengths—even putting his employers at liability risk—to double down on someone else’s scientific false claims? Did these crooks make some kind of demented pinky swear?

Klempner was, after all, one of those included in the infamous “this battle cannot be won on a scientific front” email thread. The one where all the esteemed Lyme scientists lamented their inability to crush their chronically ill victims with facts, and decided to employ psy-ops against them, instead.

Klempner also was an author of the 2006 IDSA guidelines that were the subject of an investigation by Senator Richard Blumenthal, who, at the time was Attorney General for the State of Connecticut. And those guidelines, in fact, relied heavily on his 2001 “retreatment” study in which most of the participants had not been treated in the first place.

I cannot pretend to understand the motivations of psychopaths. Profit? Covering up previous misdeeds? Something more nefarious? What I do know is, if this product makes it to market, untold numbers of innocent people will be given a false sense of security. And when they do end up sick after a tick bite, they’ll join the legions of us against whom the “experts” have waged a “sociopolitical offensive” for the last few decades.


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