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Lyme Disease Diagnostics Lawsuit Filed

LetsGetChecked Faces Class Action over “Useless” At-Home Lyme Disease Tests

Boston, MA – June 22, 2023 – Kansas-based nonprofit TruthCures has initiated a class-action lawsuit, case number 1:23-cv-11391 filed in Massachusetts District Court, against LetsGetChecked, a leading at-home health testing company.

TruthCures alleges that LetsGetChecked's Lyme disease diagnostic tests are not merely ineffective, but utterly useless and sold through deceptive and misleading marketing practices. TruthCures represents a proposed class of all individuals or entities who purchased LetsGetChecked’s Lyme disease test for personal use.

TruthCures Executive Director Laura R. Hovind says, "As an organization committed to enabling Lyme disease victims to obtain accurate diagnoses and effective care, we find it astonishing that LetsGetChecked is so flagrantly misleading vulnerable consumers about the accuracy of these tests. Our aim with this lawsuit is to hold them accountable and prevent the devastation that occurs when patients receive false negative results."

The suit alleges LetsGetChecked's Lyme disease tests are too inaccurate to correctly diagnose either the presence or absence of Lyme disease, potentially causing missed diagnoses and a lifetime of pain and suffering. In addition, the complaint states, “The CDC warns that at-home laboratory testing products—like the Defendant’s Lyme Disease Test—are not substitutes for in-person examination by a physician.”

TruthCures Director Lahra Tillman noted, “LetsGetChecked needs to understand the seriousness of Lyme disease and that an inaccurate result can cause lifelong disability and suffering.”

The lawsuit calls for financial compensation for the proposed class and immediate injunctive relief. It demands LetsGetChecked cease selling their “inaccurate and useless” Lyme disease tests through “deceptive” means.

Since 2017 TruthCures has been the only advocacy organization calling for systemic reform in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. In October 2021, Hovind and Tillman presented Food & Drug Administration (FDA) officials historical documents that indicate Lyme disease tests may have been improperly cleared in the 1990s. They demanded an investigation, claiming all subsequently cleared Lyme tests should be recalled due to their reliance on the improperly cleared predicate devices.

LetsGetChecked has not yet responded to the lawsuit.


About TruthCures

Incorporated in Kansas, TruthCures is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to changing the paradigm of Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment. TruthCures promotes scientific integrity in health care, emphasizing that ethical handling of Lyme disease will finally lead to a cure. Contact truth@truthcures.org, or visit truthcures.org for more information.

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