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New Year, New Resolve

Hi, everyone. I'd like to welcome you to our new site.

As the calendar turns to a new year, I'm filled with emotions: sadness for the struggles so many continue to endure; anger at the inaction of those with power; frustration with incorrect and ineffective narratives dominating Lyme discourse.

But more than ever, I have hope. The overhaul and relaunch of truthcures.org represents several years of hard work that has largely been conducted behind-the-scenes. We've made many important contacts and established legal theories that we believe will finally begin to unravel the decades of deceit around Lyme disease.

In 2019 TRUTHCURES became a full-fledged 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We'd had some reservations about making it official. We didn't want our activism to be constrained by the common perceptions of what a nonprofit should be or should do. We didn't want to become a bigger target for the opposition (and controlled opposition). And we didn't want to ask fellow victims for money, knowing that most are struggling financially.

If you know me (perhaps you know me by my pen-name "Beaux"), you know I don't shrink from a challenge, I don't scare easily, and I don't give up.

Do I honestly care what people think I should be doing as the head of a nonprofit? Nope. Our mission is clear, and everything I do is in support of that mission. We made our status official exactly because there is no other Lyme-oriented nonprofit that does what we do. We have a moral responsibility to meet that need. I won't be deterred by fear, threats or intentional obstruction.

Many wonderful individuals already have provided financial support, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your generous donations enable me to do what I am most passionate about without taking on additional personal debt. What I can offer in return is my pledge to always serve the truth, view everything through the lens of our mission, maintain transparency, and keep going even when it seems like there is nowhere to go.

I'm excited to take on all the challenges ahead of us in 2020. We likely won't meet our ultimate goal this year, but I have a feeling there are good things in store. I'm honored to pursue this mission alongside so many good people.


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