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Nothing Exciting about CDC-Wormser Research

We're seeing much excitement on Facebook over a newly published report by the CDC, Gary Wormser (New York Medical College), Linden Hu (Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University) and a few others from Colorado State University (in lockstep with the CDC in Fort Collins, CO). Please, if you're a Lyme patient, don't share this garbage unless you point out what is fundamentally wrong with it.

One must understand what “well characterized” means; then it's possible to spot nearly all the research fraud by the Lyme cabal. This study used "well characterized" samples to define Lyme disease. Therefore it needs to be retracted—not celebrated.

For this study, “Lyme disease” means only those cases that have a high antibody response, which is associated with certain genetic markers (human leukocyte antigens, or "HLAs") and a predisposition to arthritis. Those are “well characterized” samples that have nothing to do with the majority of cases that end up chronically ill with an immunosuppression disease.

Learn about the testing here: https://www.truthcures.org/testing-fraud

Currently (and for the last 25 years) only those who are genetically predisposed to late Lyme arthritis (about 15% of cases) produce enough antibodies to be considered "positive" or "well characterized". Therefore, this diagnostic procedure they supposedly validated is completely invalid. It will effectively diagnose those late Lyme arthritis cases earlier than the current two-tier protocol which has low sensitivity in the first step.

NOT exciting.


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