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1986: Allen Steere talking about how Lyme is like post-sepsis with the leukemia-like, EBV-transformed immune cells.


In this report, Allen Steere states:

"Not only are plasma cells plentiful in the spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow, they are also represented by large and somewhat atypical-appearing precursor B cells as well."

"Numerous names have been given to this stage, including pseudolymphoma, lymphoid hyperplasia, follicular hyperplasia, lymphocy- toma cutis, Spiegler-Fendt lymphoid hyperplasia, and lymphadenosis benigna cutis of Baverstedt."

"The immune response involves virtually all of the organs and structures of the reticuloendothelial system including the bone marrow, and clinical pain and discomfort seems to correlate with hyperplasia of lymph nodes and spleen and bone marrow. Diffuse visceral involvement in this acute stage mimics infectious mononucleosis or disseminated viral syndromes. These include conjuctivitis, pharyngitis, pneumonitis with dry cough and mild pleuritic pain, hepato-splenic tenderness, lymph node swelling of the neck and groin, and orchitis. There is lymphoid hyperplasia of the lymph nodes and spleen consisting of prominent germinal centers and numerous perifollicular lymphocytes, with prolifera- tion of plasma cell precursors and mature plasma cells. The plasma cell precursors are large, appear tumor-like, and can resemble Reed-Sternberg cells."

Lyme is like cancer, he says. 

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