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1991: Yale's Fikrig & Flavell patent the only valid test method for all "versions" of "Lyme disease."


The current (since 1994) testing method for “Lyme disease” does not make sense when you take into account that Borrelia are relapsing fever bugs.  Borrelia are differentiated by their flagellin genes (DNA).  Since all relapsing fever organisms are capable of antigenic variation (they can change their outer surface proteins as a way of evading the host’s immune system) the only scientifically VALID way to test for Borrelia infections would be to test for flagellar antibodies instead of outer surface proteins, because it’s specific and never changes.


Requiring so many antibodies all at the same time is NOT logical, or valid, by any standard.  

This patented test is 94%-95% accurate during all stages of the disease.  This is the test that should be used, obviously.  

Here is the report from Yale that goes with the patent, U.S. Patent 5,618,533.

Yale's Erol Fikrig & Richard Flavell
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