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1998: FDA approves LymeRIX with numerous provisos.


LYMErix is declared 76% effective (says Medline). Lyme disease was first called “Lyme Borreliosis” before tick borne disease began to be commercialized after the Bayh-Dole Act came into being, and was only called “Lyme disease” after the Dearborn Conference in 1994.  

LYMErix was approved for use in ages 15-70 and recommended in endemic areas.  At one point they tried to get it approved for use in children; fortunately that never happened.  

The provisos (contraindications) included: Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, children younger than 15 and adults over 70.

You want to read the entire 1998 FDA meeting transcript. Sikand claims Lyme is hard to diagnose and treat. Schoen says Lyme is underreported by 10-12 times, and Luft is going at these bastards over their disease definitions the entire time, as well as, says the vaccine injuries look exactly like the "protean" or multi-system disease definition and not the "bad knee only" definition. 

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