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Call to Action

Are you looking for a way you can help spread Lyme disease awareness this month? Look no further!

TRUTHCURES has made significant progress in proving that Lyme diagnostics have not been valid for 27 years. This has caused immense suffering due to missed diagnoses and denial of care. We met with FDA investigators in person on October 18, 2021. We told them they have a responsibility to protect the public by recalling every Lyme disease test currently on the market by way of FDA clearance.

The FDA has confirmed there is an open investigation but they are withholding all other information. Therefore we have asked our U.S. Senators for assistance. The most likely path forward is a hearing of the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee. Support among the other members, and especially the Committee Chair (Patty Murray-WA) and Ranking Member (Richard Burr-NC) is critical to obtain a hearing.

If you are a constituent of any of the Senate HELP Committee members, please contact them immediately. See the list here, and click through for their contact information.

Tell them:

  • I am requesting Senator _______'s support for a HELP Committee hearing on faulty Lyme disease diagnostics. The issue has been forwarded to the Committee by Senator Ed Markey's office, and Senator Roger Marshall's office can provide details.

  • The FDA last October was given data proving that there is not a single valid FDA-cleared Lyme disease test. There hasn't been one for 27 years because the diagnostic standard was manipulated by corporate interests and then perpetuated by the FDA's 510(k) clearance pathway. Refer to our press release and feel free to forward it. Six months after our meeting the FDA is supposedly investigating but has done nothing to rectify the problem, and seem to be withholding information. Meanwhile, we are kicking off another horrendous tick season.

  • If you need guidance, additional information, or our contact info to pass along, please email Laura at truth@truthcures.org. I am happy to speak with your elected representatives and their staffers if they would like firsthand information. We can also connect them with our Senators' staffers who are working on this issue.

Thank you, and happy May!


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